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Tony Kornheiser To Be Off-Air on ESPN 980 Next Week, But Not Whole Summer

Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post provides some more clarity on Tony Kornheiser's situation with ESPN 980. Previous reports indicated Kornheiser would be off the rest of the summer, but that isn't exactly true. Instead, Kornheiser will be off next week, return the week following the U.S. Open, then take the majority of the next six weeks off as summer vacation.

ESPN 980 programming director Chuck Sapienza told me that Kornheiser had requested to be off the Thursday and Friday of the Open months ago. In balancing his vacation time, Sapienza decided it would be more interesting and valuable to have Tony on the Monday after the Open than the Wednesday before, and that having one full week of Tony would be better than two split weeks.

So Al Galdi will host next week's shows on location from Congressional, and Kornheiser will return the following week.

Kornheiser is scheduled to be on air for nearly 20 days between June 1 and Labor Day, so he won't have the whole summer off. Andrew Siciliano will take his place during the time Kornheiser is off air.