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2011 U.S. Open: Local Favorite Fred Funk Looking To Get Back On Track At Congressional

Fred Funk grew up just inside the Beltway, in College Park, MD. He served as the head golf coach for the University of Maryland for a little while before joining the PGA Tour. He is as close to a home town favorite as you are going to get in the upcoming U.S. Open, and despite some lacklsuter performances recently, he expects to compete this weekend, according to Barry Svrluga of the Washington Post.

“I’m not here just to walk two rounds or four rounds and just show up,” Funk said. “I want to be able to be competitive, and I truly believe I can still be competitive when I’m playing well and feeling good.”

If you don't already have a favorite golfer and you are trying to find someone to latch onto for this week, Fred Funk is your guy. First of all, he is from the area so that helps. Secondly, he is among the nicest and most entertaining guys on tour. Finally, and maybe least importantly, he doesn't hit the ball very far, so he's the most like you or I on the PGA Tour. He is the definition of a golf everyman, and he is the man I will be rooting for hardest at the U.S. Open.