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Is Rory McIlroy The Next Tiger Woods Or The Next Lebron James?

In a way, Rory McIlroy has had quite possibly the most incredible two days in the history of golf. His -13 going into the final hole of play today at the 2011 U.S. Open at Congressional set a record for the lowest score ever at a U.S. Open event.


And yet you won't find a sports talk show in the country that isn't currently asking whether or not McIlroy will choke.


So far, McIlroy has shown no signs of choking. He didn't record a single bogey until that 18th hole this afternoon, and cruised through the difficult course without any other golfers even close in the standings. The only concern is that McIlroy, deserved or not, has a bit of a reputation as a choker. He led the field in the British Open earlier this year with a -12 heading into Sunday before falling to Charl Schwartzel in the final round.


With his youth and skill, McIlroy has the potential to be the next Tiger Woods, dominating the world of golf for years to come. Or he could be the next Lebron James, failing to make an impact when it matters the most. Let's hope for his sake that its the former, because we'd hate to see this inspiring young fellow turn into Lebrory McIljames.