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John Tillman To Remain As Maryland Lacrosse Coach After Interest From Navy

Nothing to worry about, Maryland lacrosse fans. Coach John Tillman is staying. The Terps' lacrosse coach will not pursue Navy's head coaching position, despite Navy's reported interest in hiring him, sources tell Christian Swezey of the Washington Post.

A prior report suggested that Navy would be interested in hiring Tillman, though they had not reached out to him yet. Tillman was a Navy assistant for 12 years prior to departing for Harvard in 2007, which explains Navy's interest. However, sources tell Swezey that Tillman isn't going anywhere, and nobody at Navy would comment publicly on its coaching search other than to say it was sill ongoing.

Tillman led Maryland to the championship game in the 2011 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament in his first season after taking over for Dave Cottle. He also led the Terps to the ACC title. Navy is looking for a new coach after former coach Richie Meade resigned in early May.