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Navy Lacrosse Reportedly Interested In Maryland Coach John Tillman

It was just about 12 months ago that John Tillman was hired as the head coach at the University of Maryland. In that time, he brought new life to the program, and took the Terps all the way to the National Title game, before falling to Virginia on Monday afternoon.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Navy is interesting in talking to Tillman about their head coaching position. But thay haven't reached out to him yet, and Tillman's focus is on his players right now.

"I have not been contacted by Navy. No communication," Tillman said in a text message Wednesday night. "I need to focus on my players and a group of disappointed young men who played their hearts out for their state, school, alums and teammates. I can't focus on anything else right now."

I don't blame Navy for being interested in Tillman. He is very young, and has to have built up a nice reputation in just his first season at Maryland. But it has to be a longshot for him to leave a big school like Maryland and go to Navy, especially so early in his career here.

I don't blame Navy for going for the big name hire, but I don't think it's going to happen. We'll be following this rumor (and I don't expect it to become any more than that) in this stream.