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Georgetown Basketball Hires Former Binghamton Coach Kevin Broadus As 'Special Assistant,' According To Report

Georgetown basketball has made a significant hire that could affect local recruiting in the D.C. area, bringing back former assistant Kevin Broadus, according to a report by Tarik El-Bashir of the Washington Post. Broadus had left Georgetown in 2007 for Binghamton, where his program was mired in scandal. He is back as a "special assistant," according to El-Bashir.

Georgetown has hired former controversial Binghamton Coach Kevin Broadus as a special assistant to JTIIII. Broadus can't recruit on road.

That Broadus is a "special assistant" may have to do with his tenure as Binghamton coach, during which he lowered his admission standards to admit talented, but troubled players that ultimately got in trouble with the law. He resigned in 2010, but not after two assistants and several players left the program. Binghamton sat out the 2010 postseason in response. That said, he has great ties in the area and will be a major boost for Georgetown's recruiting.

SB Nation's Georgetown blog Casual Hoya is cautiously optimistic, but acknowledges that the program has put itself under a lot of pressure here.

As an alumnus and fan, Georgetown University has two identities.  The first is depicted by the University Seal, which represents the oldest and most prestigious Catholic university in the nation, indicative of a group of schools that is consistently one of the most-desired and selective destinations in the country.  This is where my allegiance lies as an alumnus.  The second is illustrated by the Bulldog; representative of its athletic department, particularly its basketball program.  This is where I stand as a fan.  While the two identities should be managed separately, they will always be intrinsically linked.  The athletic department should not do anything to tarnish the University, and the University should not hold the athletic department back.  John Thompson III needs to be very aware of this.