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VIDEO: Jan Vesley Gives Girlfriend A Kiss

Jan Vesely Girlfriend

Jan Vesely gave his girlfriend a kiss when he was drafted by the Wizards, immediately endearing himself to Washington fans (and sending them scrambling to Google.)

Just who is this mysterious girlfriend? Is there video of this kiss? Both are after the jump.

First, the video. What a magical moment for all of us (via DC Sports Bog):

This was awesome. Seriously, this was awesome. I estimate that Wizards fans became 347 percent more excited about Vesley after they saw this.

The kiss sent SB Nation editor Andy Hutchins on a serious journalism quest to find out who Jan Vesley's girlfriend is. Low and behold, he found out. Here name appears to be Czech National Team member Eva Viteckova.

For more, check out the Twitter timeline of Mr. Hutchins.

We'll continue to look into the background of Mrs. Jan Vesely. Stay tuned for that and look around SB Nation DC for complete coverage of the Wizards draft.