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Jim Riggleman Resigns As Washington Nationals' Manager

In a shocking development, Jim Riggleman has resigned as the manager of the Washington Nationals, reportedly because his option was not picked up for next season. The news circulated after the Nationals' 1-0 win over the Seattle Mariners on Thursday to put the Nationals at one game over .500.

Riggleman, whose contract was up after the season, was upset that he his option was not picked up for next season, according to FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal.

Riggleman apparently upset that option had not been picked up, upset over way he was treated by Nationals.

In a news conference after the game, general manager Mike Rizzo said Riggleman informed him he would resign if his status wasn't resolved by the end of the game.

"Jim told me pregame today that if we wouldn't pick up his [contract] option that he wouldn't get on the team bus today," Rizzo said at a news conference after the Nationals defeated the Seattle Mariners 1-0, lifting the team to a winning record."

Riggleman will not address the media on Thursday. For more on this, visit Federal Baseball.