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NBA Draft Grades 2011: Wizards Quietly Earn An A With Strong Trio

The Wizards quietly put together a very nice draft, landing three players that should contribute next season. We hand out some NBA Draft Grades.

The Wizards decided not to move up in the 2011 NBA Draft. Good move! With no trade, Washington stayed  at No. 6 and No. 18 and landed a pair of players it was considering with the No. 6 pick. That will earn you a high NBA Draft Grade right off the bat. In all, the Wizards deserve an A.

I keep going back to what John Wall said after the season. "You can't win with one player," he said. "We've got to add certain pieces, maybe a big man, a wing player and a backup point guard. We want to be in the playoffs next year."

Defensive minded big man? Check. Explosive wing? Check. Back point guard? Check. The Wizards had three picks and they upgraded three positions of need without reaching. Below we'll grade each pick individually.

Jan Vesely, Forward, Czech Republic: B+

The Wizards got the guy they wanted. Vesely fits the role of athletic wing and a quick search for him on YouTube yields evidence of his ability to get out in transition and finish at the rim. He's not much of a shooter right now, but while he works on that aspect of his game, he can profit from John Wall's fast-break brilliance. There's no guarantee Vesely burns up the league, but with Enes Kanter off the board, there wasn't a better fit for the Wizards at that spot. Sure,, it might not work out but it looks like the right pick right now.

JaVale McGee's Twitter Takeout: "get ready for the 1st triple oop in nba history.. wall to mcgee to vesley"

Chris Singleton, Forward, Florida State: A

What a boon for the Wizards: A defensive-minded forward falls right into their lap after they stay put at No. 18. Washington needs talented players, plural, and landing Singleton at No. 18 was close to a best-case scenario. His defense will be welcome, as will his attitude. The Wizards have to be thrilled ("There was some indications [the Wizards] would pick me at 6, because of what they think of my potential," he said.)

JaVale McGee's Twitter Takeout: "cool now can guard somebody and prevent P from getting dunked on from helpside!"

Shelvin Mack, Guard, Butler: B

Mack rounds out Wall's wish list, a potential backup for a team that at times played Jordan Crawford and even Josh Howard at that spot when Wall needed a breather. Mack still needs to prove he can play lead guard consistently and scouts seem concerned about his ability to blow by defenders off the dribble or find his shot against quicker, longer NBA defenders. But he showed the ability to score in college and he embodies that old adage -- "This guy just wins, baby!" -- coming from back-to-back national championship game appearances at Butler. It's unlikely the Wizards unearthed a gem here but in the second round, someone to adequately soak up a few minutes would be a nice find.

JaVale McGee Twitter Takeout: "This season gone be EPIC! Young fellas gone step up and show out!"

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