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Up-And-Coming UFC Fighter Christian Morecraft Is Local Kid From Prince George's County

I'm not exactly a fan of mixed martial arts, but this item from the Washington Examiner's Jim Williams caught my eye. Apparently, one of the bright up-and-comers in the UFC hails from Prince George's County, Maryland. Cristian Morecarft, 24 years old, is 7-1 so far in his fledgling UFC career and is considered one of the sport's young stars. And Morecraft is proud of his P.G. County roots:

"I just want to represent Washington as best as I can. I am proud to be a kid from P.G. County and fighting in the UFC is something that I love and take a great deal of pride in.I love the hard work and I put forth a great deal of effort hone my craft. There is no doubt that I want to be a champion and I do think that some day soon I will reach that goal but it takes time and fighting tougher guys each time. Matt Mitrione is one of those guys who I have to beat to continue to climb to the next level. On Sunday I hope all my many Washington fans will watch me take that next step."

Morecraft will face Matt Mitrione in the main event Sunday night at 8pm on "The UFC on Versus". Here's an interview with Morecarft promoting the fight. I like this kid: