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MLB All-Star Voting: No Nationals Present In Latest Voting Update

Thursday is the last day to vote for your 2011 MLB All-Star starters. The results will be announced on July 3rd, and then fans will have a few days to vote for the final three players included on each team. You can find the ballot here. The good news is that somehow, whether it be through the fan voting or the election of the reserves, a member of the Washington Nationals has to make the All-Star roster. The bad news is that it likely won't come as a starter, because looking at the latest leaders, there isn't a National even close to earning a starting spot.

You would have to figure that the team's best chances were in the outfield with Jayson Werth and at third base with Ryan Zimmerman just based on name recognition But Werth has been awful and Zimmerman has been injured for most of the year. If i had to guess right now, I would say that the Nationals elected All-Star will comes down to either Tyler Clippard, Michael Morse or Danny Espinosa. But based on the latest results, it's probably only going to be one of them.

We'll be following the All-Star results in this stream, but check out Federal Baseball for more on the Nationals.