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MLB Trade Rumors: Washington Nationals Could Be Sellers At The Deadline

As I write, the Washington Nationals are just six and a half games behind the Atlanta Braves for the National League Wildcard spot. So they have to ask themselves a a question they haven't had to ask in a few years; will they be buyers or sellers at the MLB Trade Deadline?

I think that even though they are technically in "contention" the Nationals will choose to be sellers at the Deadline, if they make any moves at all. The organization has always been looking at 2012, or even later, as when they can be legitimate contenders to make the playoffs, and potentially go a little bit deeper. That's when Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper will be here, and when the Nats will make their push. So if they make any moves this year, it could be getting rid of some excess, like Pudge Rodriguez or some of their relievers.

But the Trade Deadline is still a month away, and we'll certainly know more as it approaches. We'll be following any rumors, and the Deadline in itself, in this stream.