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NFL Free Agency: Dan Snyder Wants To Keep Donovan McNabb, According To Report

It seems like a foregone conclusion that Donovan McNabb will not be with the Washington Redskins next season, at least according to most of the media in town. However, he is still on the roster, and a recent report suggested he might be next season, despite all that happened with him and Mike Shanahan last year.

Howard Eskin of ESPN 610 in Philadelphia sent out this message on his Twitter account on Friday:

As it turns out Donovan Mcnabb may stay with Redskins. Dan Snyder wants him on team. Crazy

There may be nothing to this. However, CSN Washington's Rich Tandler describes a scenario where it might make sense.

In short, McNabb needs the Redskins and the Redskins need McNabb. Here is how it could happen.

Snyder has a talk with the elder Shanahan and lays out something similar to what I outlined above. He persuades the coach to have a meeting with McNabb, lay all of the cards out on the table, and tell him he can compete for the starting job. Snyder is a very persuasive individual and Shanahan could look at his options and agree to talk to McNabb.

From there, Tandler suggests they could put aside their differences, and McNabb could compete for the starting job. It seems improbable, but you never know.