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Washington Redskins' COO And Dan Snyder Ally Dave Donovan Resigns For 'Personal Reasons'

Dave Donovan, the chief operating officer of the Washington Redskins and a longtime adviser to owner Dan Snyder, has resigned from his position for "personal reasons," according to a team press release. Donovan will be returning to the law firm he came from back in 2005. He will continue to consult with the Redskins, according to owner Dan Snyder in the release.

"I have had a great six years with the Redskins. It has been an experience I will always appreciate and never forget. For personal reasons, I am returning to partnership in the law firm that I left in 2005," Donovan said in the statement. "I am thrilled that I will have the ability to continue my relationship with the Redskins. I would like to thank Dan Snyder and all coaches and staff who I have worked with over my time with the team"

Donovan was probably best-known publicly for answering for Snyder on many issues, including the seizing of signs at FedEx Field in 2009.

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