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2011 MLB All-Star Game: Tyler Clippard Gets Rare Win In All-Star Game

Sure, the nature of Tyler Clippard's win in the All-Star Game is a little bit surprising. He came on for one batter, allowed him to reach base, but was bailed out when Hunter Pence threw a dart to home plate. Because he was technically still in the game when Prince Fielder hit what would prove to be the go ahead three-run home run, he is credited with the win. While all that is noteworthy, perhaps the most surprising thing about it was that Tyler Clippard got a win at all.

Clippard has made 41 appearances for the Nats this year, but because he usually comes in the game in a hold situation to set up Drew Storen for a save. Which means that he doesn't usually have a chance to get a win. In fact, the win he earned in the All Star Game matches his entire total from the year to date. Not bad for one batter's work. Clippard was able to see the humor in getting the win.

"It was very ironic,'' Clippard said of getting a vulture win. "Last year was weird, and [Tuesday's All-Star Game] was more of the same. I haven't had this happen this year. Fortunately, I've been able to keep us in the lead when we've had it, but this was a little bit different situation. But it worked out.''

Clippard came into the All-Star game with a 1-0 record. He had the same mark in the game itself. No wonder it is so hard for a middle reliever to make the Midsummer Classic.