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Gilbert Arenas Claims Wizards Leaked Gun Story

If you're not following Gilbert Arenas on Twitter, you are doing yourself a pretty big disservice. It seems like he comes out with a legitimately newsworthy fun fact every other day at this point. Last night Arenas went on a little rant about how exactly the story about him with the gun in the locker room came to light. He seems to think that it was the organization that leaked the story, to give themselves a reason to get rid of him.

Full transcript via Bullets Forever:

everyone knows about my troubles last yr..the only reason u do know about it is becuz my money making days were long as ur making sumbody lots of money they will let u do what ever u want..when ur time is up they will expose u to the world. if u ever hear about anything in a locker rm is becuz sumbody in high power wants it to get out...once all the free shoes are gone..i will be attacked by the media...becuz theres nothing to be gain anymore. i know what ppl are sayin..i brought ....into the locker rm..theres been full blow paint ball shoot outs in locker rms, being in the nba u see everything...what i got in trouble for ive seen over a dozens times.. i did give them the tool to take me down so its know ones fault but mines..and ive learned and got wiser from i said ive made mistakes when u feel like u can do anything u want u try..and i got smacked down to reality when i went to far, so lets move on..if u cant forgive me then f--k off..if u have forgiving me..I MIGHT mess up in the future jk i know i will lmaoooo

You can never tell if Arenas is being serious on Twitter, and the fact that he finishes the whole thing with a "lmaoooo" is not a good sign. But I wouldn't be surprised if this is truly what he believes, or if this was in fact the case. But Arenas makes perhaps his best, and possibly his only salient point right in the middle. He gave them he tool to take him down. So they might have pulled the trigger on releasing the story, but Arenas' actions are what made it a story worth releasing.