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Capitals Re-Sign Defenseman Karl Alzner To Two-Year Cap Friendly Deal

The Capitals locked up Karl Alzner on Friday, and the terms of the contract are pretty surprising. Alzner appears to have given the Caps a massive hometown discount, and has reportedly signs a two-year $2.57 million contract with the Caps.

Cap hit on the Alzner deal is just under $1.3 mil. He will be paid $1.3 mil in '11-12 and $1.27 mil in '12-13. Total of $2.57 for two years.less than a minute ago via txt Favorite Retweet Reply

I'm not sure how the Caps were able to retain Alzner at such a low price. They must have some pretty incriminating pictures of his agent in their possession. But this is tremendous news for the team, because there was a lot of concern that they would have to trade some of their stars to be able to afford re-signing Alzner. Now that his salary and cap hit is so low, they likely won't have to trade anyone to afford him.

We'll have plenty more on this signing later, but for now, check out Japers' Rink.