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MLB Trade Rumor: Nationals Willing To Part With Tyler Clippard, Showing Interest In Michael Bourn

The 2011 MLB Trade Deadline is just about two weeks away, and rumors are starting to pour in from around the Major Leagues. One of the Nationals with the most value is also one that the team appears willing to part with. Fresh off his first career All-Star appearance, the Nationals are willing to move Tyler Clippard and have been looking at Astros center fielder Michael Bourn in return; according to Peter Gammons at

Washington isn't selling, except for Tyler Clippard; instead, they keep asking for Michael Bourn -- thus far without success -- and had been one of several teams interested in Julio Borbon until his recent injury.

Now Gammons uses a lot of punctuation here and some convoluted language, so it isn't totally clear if the Nationals want to trade Clippard for Bourn, or if they would look to acquire him in a separate trade that doesn't involve the All-Star.But Bourn is a typical speedster who could slot in at the top of the Nationals lineup, but if the price is too high for him, I think the team would probably be satisfied keeping Roger Bernadina in the leadoff spot.