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Women's World Cup: U.S. Soccer's Loss To Japan Draws High TV Ratings Locally

The thrilling Women's World Cup Final, in which U.S. Soccer lost to Japan in penalty kicks, drew incredible TV ratings all across the country. The broadcast of the game drew an 8.6 rating overnight, an incredible number that ESPN probably didn't expect when the World Cup began. It wasn't quite as good as the rating for the 1999 final, but that can be explained by the game being on cable.

What may be more interesting, though, is seeing which markets in particular were interested in the game. According to ESPN PR, three of the top five markets for the game are at least sort of in the DMV.

#WWC2011 title match: Top 5 markets - Baltimore (12.3); San Diego (11.8); W Palm Beach (11.7); Wash, DC (11.5); Norfolk, Va. (11.1)

OK, fine, so Norfolk is a bit of a stretch. But still, to have Baltimore and Washington D.C. in the top four is a sign that soccer has caught on here more than in many other places in the country.