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NBA Lockout: NBA Players Association VP, Wizards Forward Maurice Evans Considering Playing Overseas

Washington Wizards reserve small forward Maurice Evans is the latest NBA player to field offers from European clubs to play ball across the pond in light of the current NBA lockout, according to Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld. This is especially newsworthy because Evans is the vice president of the National Basketball Players Association. He is the first union representative to field offers from overseas. 

Evans is an unrestricted free agent, meaning that any agreement he signs with a European club would involve far fewer complications than under-contract players like New Jersey News star point guard Deron Williams. The eight-year veteran has sparked interest in Spanish club Real Madrid and Turkish club Anadolu Efes. 

Evans has had success in Europe in the past. Before playing in the NBA, he was Europe's Player of the Year in 2003, and was an all-star in consecutive seasons. 

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