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Goodman League vs. Drew League: Nick Young Weighs In

His first year in Washington, Nick Young paid a visit to the Goodman League, the famous outdoor courts in Southeast Washington. A rookie -- albeit in the League -- he got stuck in the 6 p.m. early run, and -- as the story goes -- was greeted by 100 degree weather instead of a red carpet and a spot under the lights. He hasn't been back since.

So of course the former USC guard took up for his native Los Angeles, and its Drew League, in a recent interview with ESPN in advance of the Goodman League vs. Drew League Showdown on Aug. 20.

Hit the jump for the quotables. 

So, how does the Goodman League compare to the Drew League?

"We played outside, so it was a different feeling. But this year, I don't think nothing compares to Drew right now. It's crazy."

Clearly, Charles aka Season Ticket, the man who told Mike Prada and myself about Young's Goodman League debut, was not exaggerating. The weather at the Barry Farms courts scarred Young some years later.

The full interview is worth watching (here), but even better is Prada's feature on our trip "Inside the Gates" at Goodman League, a summer league different than all other summer leagues. If you've got some time today, give that a read.