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An Excuse To Root For Jayson Werth's Slump To Continue

Heading into the year I think we all knew that it would be hard for Jayson Werth to live up to his enormous contract, especially in his first year in Washington. But I also don't think anyone could have envisioned that he would be hitting just .212 on the season. It's been a rough ride, is what I'm saying. But things are about to get a little bit better.

According to NBC Washington, Duffy's Irish Pub will be offering beer on Sunday during the Nationals game for whatever Jayson Werth's batting average is at the start of the game. If Werth is still hitting .212, then you can get yourself a cold one (or five) for the low, low price of $2.12. If his batting average drops before then, the price will fall accordingly.

I don't think anyone wants Werth to be playing this poorly, and Duffy's even claims that the stunt is all in good fun and that they know Werth will pick it up soon, but there isn't any reason why we shouldn't get some enjoyment out of having Werth on the team.