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NHL Free Agency: Tom Poti's Agent Says He'll Be Healthy For Training Camp

Washington Capitals veteran defenseman Tom Poti's agent said the the 34-year-old is working to be back on the ice by the time training camp starts. After playing only 21 games last season, Poti is still on the mend from a knee injury that some thought to be career threatening.

On the surface, this is good news for the Caps as they look to shore up their roster for the start of the 2011-2012 season, but Poti's possible return could end up being problematic for the boys in red. 

After a flurry of roster moves this offseason, the Capitals' roster is currently over the NHL's $64.3 million salary cap. However, the Caps' front office could get away with the extra spending if Poti and his $2.875 million cap hit are not ready to start the regular season on the team's active roster. In that case, Poti would be placed on the team's long-term injury list, negating his impact on the salary cap.