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Washington Redskins Training Camp Likely To Begin Monday, August 1

With the news that the NFL players are expected to end the NFL lockout and approve a new collective bargaining agreement on Monday, we can start to get an idea of when Washington Redskins training camp begins. Training camps cannot begin until seven days after a new agreement is reached, according to CBS Sports' Mike Freeman. According to that timeline, the Redskins' training camp will begin on Monday, August 1.

That would at least be the official start date of training camp, though it is not the first time players can return to their team facilities. That will happen on Wendesday, assuming the new deal passes.

The Redskins will once again be holding training camp out in Ashburn, Va. An official schedule, with dates of open and closed practices, is not out yet. It also remains unclear how the projected start of NFL free agency on Saturday, July 30 will affect training camp.

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