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Undrafted Free Agents Can Be Signed Tuesday, Will Redskins Sign Any?

According to the latest post-lockout timeline, it appears that teams will be allowed to signed undrafted free agents starting tomorrow.

The Redskins saw solid contributions from their undrafted rookies last season, with players such as Keiland Williams, Brandon Banks and Logan Paulsen finding their way into the lineup. 

This year, however, may prove to be difficult for the Redskins to see undrafted rookies make contributions for them. The team drafted 12 rookies, their largest draft class in over twenty years. It's not a guarantee that every player in that class will make the 53 man roster. And if they don't, they'll likely land on the practice squad, where there are only eight spots available. 

It's bad enough that they have to deal with the stigma of going undrafted, but now they have to deal with an even bigger disadvantage, one they cannot do anything about.  The lockout deprived them of the opportunity to get into the building earlier in the offseason, giving them the chance to learn the system well enough to impress the coaching staff come training camp.

So for the undrafted rookies the Redskins sign, they will only have a few weeks to really flash and prove they belong on an NFL roster.