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Lionel Messi Not On FC Barcelona's Roster For Exhibition Vs. Manchester United At FedEx Field

Washington, D.C. soccer fans will not be able to see the great Lionel Messi play next weekend. In a move that was hardly a surprise, Messi's name was omitted from FC Barcelona's roster for its U.S. tour, which includes a friendly against Manchester United at FedEx Field on Saturday.

Messi was not expected to play because he was playing for Argentina in Copa America earlier in July. Argentina was knocked out early, but FC Barcelona stuck to its word. It will not bring any of its other players from South American countries to the U.S. either.

U.S. soccer fans will have to settle for only seeing greats such as Victor Valdes, Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Sergio Busquets and David Villa. Carlos Puyol is traveling, but has an injury. Nine players from Barcelona's B-squad will be promoted for the tour.

Barcelona will play once before taking on Manchester United on Saturday. Manchester United will square off against the MLS All-Stars on Wednesday.