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Redskins Safety O.J. Atogwe Chooses Another Jersey Number In Honor Of Sean Taylor

ASHBURN, Va - One of the more interesting soundbytes to come out of this mornings practice was (sort of) newly signed Redskins safety O.J. Atogwe speaking on how he went about choosing his jersey number.

Atogwe had always worn number 21 his entire NFL career, or as he put it: 

"I've been number 21 my entire life, since I was 10 years old."

But Atogwe, a self proclaimed fan of the game, understands what that number belonged to Sean Taylor. He knows what that number means to the Redskins fans, players and the organization as a whole.

"The man who wore the number here [Sean Taylor] is a very honorable man," Atogwe said. "And that was a tragic thing that happened to him."

Sean Taylor is still a very touchy subject for the team and it's fans, and it was refreshing to see someone coming from outside of the organization showing such respect for the fallen star.

"In my heart, like I said, I am a fan of the game," he continued. "And I was a big Sean Taylor fan and in my heart I believe the number is already retired."