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VIDEO: Thiago's Thunderous Equalizer And Michael Owen's Winner In FC Barcelona Vs. Manchester United Exhibition

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As I tweeted during the match, the theme of this evening's friendly match between Manchester United and Barcelona was "Quality, not Quantity." And boy, was that ever the case in the second half, which saw long stretches of inactivity (mostly brought about by Barca's deliberate, short-passing possession game) broken up by two brilliant goals.

Let's start with Barcelona's equalizer, which came in the 70th minute through Thiago Alcantara. But after this goal, I think it's OK to give him the Brazilian treatment and just call him Thiago. After all, he is the son of Brazilian World Cup winner Mazinho.

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As good as that was by Thiago, the giveaway by Sergio Busquets that led to Manchester United's winning goal was, well, bad. Busquets' attempted pass just skidded loosely through the midfield, where it was picked up by young Tom Cleverley. Cleverley did what he was supposed to do and got the ball to Michael Owen. Owen, in turn, did what he was supposed to do and finished the break with a lovely chip over Victor Valdes.

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Like I said, quality not quantity. Though that statement certainly doesn't apply to this.

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