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GIF: Thiago's Incredible Goal In F.C. Barcelona Vs. Manchester United Exhibution

We already showed you the video of Thiago's incredible goal in Saturday's FC Barelona vs. Manchester United exhibition, but truth be told, it's hard to do the goal justice unless you slow down to see the bend. When you see the goal live, all you see is the ball going in the back of the net and the goalie standing still as it goes by him. But when you slow it down - wow.

That's exactly what we've done for you below the jump. In the end, Thiago's goal didn't make a difference, as Michael Owen scored a few minutes later to give Manchester United a 2-1 win. To a certain extent, it gives Manchester United some revenge for losing in the Champions League. Then again, winning an exhibition game when many of the starters didn't play is hardly the same thing as winning when it matters.

In that spirit, just enjoy the Thiago goal below the jump.

Click to play.