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Despite Lockout, Washington Redskins Planning On July 28 Training Camp

Technically, there is no NFL right now as the owners have continued to lockout it's players. But teams are still trying to organize their training camps, which typically being at the end of the month of July. The Redskins still can not have any contact with their players, but they are still planning on Training Camp starting on July 28th, according to Mike Jones of the Washington Post.

Despite continued uncertainty about when the NFL lockout will end, the Redskins are planning on a training camp that would begin July 28th. Under the old collective bargaining agreement, that would be the earliest they could begin — 15 days before their first preseason game, which is at Pittsburgh.

before any of that happens, the lockout has to come to an end. The fact that the team feels comfortable enough to keep to a July 28th start date for their training camp might mean that they believe the lockout will end in time to make that happen. And it can't just end at July 27th either, because the league would still need some time to have free agency before trianing camps can begin.

We'll be keeping track of the Redskins Training Camp in this thread, but head on over to Hogs Haven for more on the Redskins.