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Cubs Vs. Nationals: Nats Suffer Worst Blown Lead In Franchise History

For those of you like me who were unable to watch the Nationals game and were relegated to just occasionally checking the score, it was somewhat of a roller coaster. The first time I checked the score it was 8-0, and I was feeling pretty good about their chances. Then I checked again what felt like three minutes later and the game was tied 8-8. Just like that, a seemingly insurmountable lead was gone. But was it the biggest blown lead in franchise history? That's a little bit ambiguous.

Amanda Comak tweeted that she had done some research and found that this was in fact the biggest blown lead. But when she looked into the stats a little bit more, she found that if the team ultimately won the game after blowing the lead, it didn't count. So it is for sure the biggest lead that has been blown in a game when the team lost the game, but we aren't sure if it is overall the biggest lead that a team has blown.