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Larry Michael, Sonny Jurgensen And Sam Huff Returning On Redskins Radio Next Season

Despite speculation that their careers as the broadcasters on Redskins radio were coming to an end, Sonny Jurgensen and Sam Huff will return as the radio voices of the team for their 31st season together, according to Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. They will be joined once again by Larry Michael, who is entering his eighth season as the play-by-play man.

Jurgensen and Huff are both Redskins' legends whose voices and interplay in the booth has become a staple to Redskins fans over the years. Recently, however, both men, especially Huff, have struggled with remembering plays and chronicling the game action. There were some who felt it would be best for the Redskins to go in a different direction, but instead, the two will be back for at least one more season, assuming there is even a season at all.

The trio will once again be broadcasting games on ESPN 980.

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