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John Lannan Injury A Broken Nose, According To Report

John Lannan isn't expected to miss any starts after having a hard line drive deflect off his face in the Washington Nationals' loss to the Rockies on Friday, but damage has been done. Lannan did indeed suffer a broken nose on the play, according to Ryan O'Halloran of CSN Washington.

The play happened in the fourth inning. Ty Wigginton lined a pitch back up the middle, and Lannan could not get his glove up in time. The ball went into center field for a single, and Lannan fell to the ground. The Nationals immediately removed him from the game as his nose began bleeding.

Lannan won't miss any starts because he was not scheduled to make any before the All-Star Break. This will give him more time to recover for the second half of the year. He had been piching well for the Nationals in the game prior to the injury.