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Terrelle Pryor Workout Postponed Until Supplemental Draft Status Is Clarified, According To Report

Terrelle Pryor's Friday workout prior to the August 17 NFL Supplemental Draft has been postponed until Pryor's eligibility can be cleared up, according to a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter. Pryor, the Ohio State quarterback who left the school following the tattoo investigation and Jim Tressel's resignation, was scheduled to work out in Pittsburgh on Friday. The Redskins were reportedly one of the teams who were scheduled to attend.

Pryor was not on the original list of players eligible for the silent auction draft. The list includes just two players at this time: Georgia running back Caleb Green and Northern Illinois safety Tracy Wilson. To be eligible for the draft, a player must demonstrate that his "status has changed" from the time of the April draft until now. Pryor's situation is obviously complicated, so it's still being determined whether his status changed.

The Redskins certainly are thin at the quarterback position, which explains why Pryor might appeal to them.