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Steelers Vs. Redskins: Preseason Victory Elicits Positive Response From Fans

The Redskins beat the Steelers 16-7 Friday night at FedEx Field, and they did it in impressive fashion, leading to some unexpected positive vibes for Washington fans this early in the preseason. In fact, with all the talk in training camp about how awful this Washington team may be, Hogs Haven nicely summed up what most fans were thinking when they sat down to watch the preseason opener:

I can't remember the last time I sat down to watch a game where my expectations were lower than they were last night.

When you combine the lack of the offseason, the youth and inexperience up and down the Washington roster and the fact that the reigning AFC champions seemingly never have an off night against us, the game promised to be a long one for us.

Alas, the Redskins looked extremely impressive on offense and much more active on defense, an all around performance that, simply put, was dominant. But again, what does dominance in the preseason mean? As Hogs Haven, and virtually all of twitter reminded us last night, it is still just the preseason...and Skins fans only need to think back a few years to another performance that had Washington overly excited:

I won't get too carried away over a preseason game, but I think for where we are, getting excited about a preseason game is a necessary step. If it wasn't for Osaka, maybe we could get a little more crazy.

Hey, at least Rex Grossman got everyone off his back for a week.