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Kevin Durant Scores 42 Points, Leads Team To Goodman League Title

Add another notch on the Kevin Durant summer league belt. The Oklahoma City Thunder star scored "only" 42 points to lead Awash & Associates to a 140-124 win over Linkin Park in the Goodman League championship game at Spingarn High School on Sunday. There's no video yet, but rest assured, once it's posted, we'll bring it to you.

Former Virginia Tech guard Brian Chase added 28 points, and current Memphis Grizzlies guard Josh Selby chipped in with 26 to lead Awash. Awash had more NBA talent, but Linkin Park hung in there thanks to Dele "Daylight" Ojo, Donte Greene of the Sacramento Kings and Gooman League legend Hugh "Baby Shaq" Jones. In the end, though, Durant was too good, as Awash never really trailed in getting the win.

Normally, this would be the end of the Goodman League season, but of course this year is different thanks to next Saturday's showdown with the Drew League at Trinity College. Durant will be there along with several other NBA stars, looking to add yet another notch on his belt. That belt has to be pretty heavy at this point.