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Chris Cooley Injury: Redskins' Tight End Sees Dr. James Andrews, But Expects To Play In Season Opener

Chris Cooley's ongoing knee injury took an ominous turn over the weekend when the Redskins' tight end saw Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion, according to Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan. Andrews is one of the most famous knee specialists in sports, so anytime someone sees him, the natural reaction is to be concerned that his injury is more serious than it appears.

However, in an interview with Paulsen, Cooley said there is no reason to worry.

"To be honest with you, and I mean this," he said. "I would be amazed if I didn't play against the Giants," Cooley said, via phone on Monday afternoon. "We had the wrong plan," Cooley said. "Now I'm confident we have the right plan."

Cooley's knee injury has kept him out often at camp, so the visit was merely to check in on it. The injury originally occurred as residue from offseason arthroscopic knee surgery.

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