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Stephen Strasburg To Make Third Rehab Start In Hagerstown On Wednesday

Stephen Strasburg will make his third rehab start in the same place he made his first rehab start: Hagerstown. The Hagerstown Suns have announced that Strasburg "is scheduled" to return to pitch in Hagerstown on Wednesday. The Suns are scheduled to play the Lexington Legends at 7:05 p.m. at home.

The return to Hagerstown was widely expected, because the Nationals had expressed the desire of having Strasburg pitch in a home environment. The only minor-league affiliates at home this week were Hagerstown and AAA-Syracuse, and Strasburg probably isn't ready to pitch in AAA yet.

Strasburg will progressively raise his workload, throwing four innings and/or 60 pitches this time according to Byron Kerr of MASN. Strasburg threw two innings in his first rehab start in Hagerstown and three innings in his second rehab start in Potomac.

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