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MLB Draft 2011 Signing Deadline One Hour Away, Top Nationals Picks Remain Unsigned

Did you ever have a paper in college that you refused to begin until the very last moment because you knew that was the only time you could be motivated to get anything done? That's basically the MLB Draft signing deadline for you. We're approaching one hour until the midnight deadline to sign draft picks, and there has still been no reported movement on any of the Nationals' top picks.

No. 6 overall pick Anthony Rendon, No. 23 overall pick Alex Meyer and sandwich pick Brian Goodwin remain unsigned. All are Scott Boras clients, and compared to the legitimate concern with Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper over the past couple years, anxiety is pretty low. All are expected to come to an agreement, though all will probably be signed above slot. Matt Purke, whose status is more up in the air than those three, also remains unsigned.

The Nationals did sign fourth-round pick Kylin Turnbull for $325,000, about $100,000 over slot, according to Baseball America's Jim Callis. Turnbull is a lefty pitcher from UC-Santa Barbara.