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MLB Draft 2011: Nationals Sign Anthony Rendon To Major League Contract Worth $7.2 Million Guaranteed, According To Report

The Washington Nationals once again walked away having signed all of their picks in the 2011 MLB Draft, and once again, it appears they have spent a lot of money to do it. The team announced the signings of No. 6 overall pick Anthony Rendon, No. 23 pick Alex Meyer, sandwich pick Brian Goodwin, third-round pick Matt Purke and fourth-round pick Kylin Turnbull, and various reports have the Nationals spending just under $17 million to get those deals done.

Rendon was the big one, and the Nationals obliged by giving the third baseman a four-year Major League contract with a $7.2 million guarantee and a $6 million bonus, according to Baseball America's Jim Callis. Rendon was seen by many as the top prospect in the draft, but health concerns caused him to slip to No. 6. He is a third baseman like Ryan Zimmerman, but most believe one will move to accommodate the other.

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