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MLB Draft 2011: Nationals Sign All Top Draft Picks, Spend To Do It

The Washington Nationals signed all their top picks in the 2011 MLB Draft in the wee hours leading up to the midnight signing deadline. Anthony Rendon, the No. 6 overall pick in the draft, was the big guy to sign, but the Nationals also signed their top four picks beyond Rendon, the team announced. That list includes first-round pick Alex Meyer, sandwich pick Brian Goodwin, third-round pick Matt Purke and fourth-round pick Kylin Turnbull.

Meyer, a pitcher from Kentucky, received a $2 million bonus, according to Baseball America's John Manuel. Goodwin, an outfielder from Miami Dade College in Florida, received a staggering $3 million bonus, according to Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman. Purke, meanwhile, received even more than that, signing for around $4 million, which is less than originally reported. There was a good chance that Purke would return to college, so the Nationals were forced to ante up for him.

Ultimately, the Nationals spent anywhere from $16 to $17 million on their first five draft picks, according to reports. Once again, they are showing they are committed to spending at the MLB Draft.

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