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Washington Redskins Training Camp: Is Quarterback Job John Beck's To Lose?

The Washington Redskins have yet to announce who their starting quarterback will be when they take the field for the first game of the season in a few weeks, and as of right now, the situation is probably as complicated as ever. All Summer we heard about how the coaches loved John Beck, but when he was injured for their first preseason game, Rex Grossman shined. So with Grossman's performance, one could assume that it was his job for the timing. According to Jason Reid, that might not be the case because the Coaching Shanahans simply love John Beck. 

They could have pursued an accomplished veteran to challenge Beck despite potential difficulties a newcomer may have experienced in their complex offensive system. They could have named Grossman the starter at the outset of training camp and given Beck, who has only one season in their offense, more time. Instead, they’re all in on Beck. The Redskins have added lower-tier quarterbacks who pose no threat to him. That leaves Grossman as the only obstacle between Beck and Washington’s top spot, and the judges who matter are rooting for Beck.

So there you have it. Unless something happens that forces the Shanahans to reconsider the stance they seem to be fairly entrenched in, John Beck is probably going to be your starter.