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Washington Redskins Training Camp: Defensive Backs DeAngelo Hall And Chris Horton Have Altercation In Tuesday Practice

ASHBURN, Va - The highlight (or perhaps, lowlight) of the Redskins' morning practice Tuesday was an altercation between defensive backs DeAngelo Hall and Chris Horton.

The two have had communication issues over the past week, with Horton missing some of his defensive assignments on Hall's side of the field. Hall, a Pro Bowler in 2010, grew frustrated each time Horton would not execute on his responsibilities in coverage. 

That frustration finally boiled over Tuesday morning when the two had a skirmish that had to be broken up by Laron Landry.

When asked about it after practice, Shanahan downplayed the incident.

"Those things happen in camp" the coach said. "Camps I've been in, all of a sudden someone gets a little excited and all of a sudden there's a little skirmish."

After the two stopped exchanging blows, Shanahan talked to the both of them individually, and then once again when they were both together. Shanahan had the two run 100 yard dashes after practice as punishment.

"As I told [them], all families have some [altercations]. Sometimes it's verbal, sometimes it's physical."

Hall and Horton also downplayed the incident after practice, and will hopefully look to be on the same page moving forward.