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Former Miami Football Booster Nevin Shapiro Reveals List Of Violations, Major Sanctions Likely

Maryland's first opponent of the college football season is in trouble. A Yahoo! Sports investigation centered around booster Nevin Shapiro revealed a litany of NCAA violations involving Miami football and basketball, with as many as 73 players and several head and assistant coaches involved. The violations include money, strip clubs, prostitution, yacht trips, access to nightclubs, bounties on star players and so much more.

Shapiro, who is in prison for being at the center of a Ponzi scheme, confirmed all the information to Yahoo! Sports. Spencer Hall of has a summary of all the violations.

Assuming the information is true, Miami is expected to receive a punishment unseen since SMU. That would certainly mean that Maryland will see a stripped-down Hurricanes squad in the season opener on Labor Day. Pun intended.

For more on Shapiro's claims and the NCAA investigation, stay with this StoryStream. To check-in with Miami fans, head over to The 7th Floor Blog.