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Reds Vs. Nationals Score: Nationals Ride Power Surge To 6-4 Lead Over Reds

The Washington Nationals have a 6-4 lead over the Cincinnati Reds in the seventh inning thanks to a power surge by the Nationals offense and a settling starting pitcher in Chien-Ming Wang.

Third baseman Ryan Zimmerman and first baseman Michael Morse have both hit home runs while shortstop Ian Desmond hit a crucial first inning two-run single. Morse now has 21 homers on the year and has also hit a RBI double in the game.

This all comes after a shaky first inning from Wang who gave up two runs in the first inning while trying to find his sinker. He then settled and at one point retired 12 straight batters. The Reds touched Wang again for a RBI single in the sixth inning and a RBI double in the seventh.

The Nationals took advantage of a fielding error to score a run, but the Nationals have committed two fielding errors of their own. One came from Zimmerman and another from Desmond.