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Miami Football Investigation Includes 12 Current Players, Suspensions Possible

In light of the Miami football investigation revealing some major rules violations by booster Nevad Shapiro, the Hurricanes will likely bring a stripped-down roster to Byrd Stadium for the season opener against Maryland. Sixty-five football players in all were named in Yahoo! Sports' investigation. Twelve of those players are ones that currently play for the team.

Those 12 players are as follows:

Harris, the starting quarterback, is the big name on that list, but two other names to note are Armstrong and Telemaque. Both are starting defensive backs that led the team in interceptions last season. That should make things easier for Danny O'Brien and company if they are suspended.

As for the possible suspensions, considering A.J. Green was suspended half the year last year for selling his jersey, you'd think those 12 players would get something at least on par like that.

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