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Reds Vs. Nationals: Michael Morse May Move Back To Outfield, Davey Johnson Says

Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson said after Tuesday's 6-4 victory over the Cincinnati Reds that slugging first baseman Michael Morse will likely move to left field at some point this season. 

According to Johnson, the move would ideally coincide with the return of Adam LaRoche from the disabled list: 

"I'm thinking at some point in time this season I might move him back [to left field]," Johnson said. "Ideally, when LaRoche comes back, we'll have LaRoche at first and probably Morse in left field. We're going to have Morse somewhere every day."    

Morse came up to the majors as a shortstop, so position changes are nothing new to him. Although he plays well defensively at first base, LaRoche is likely an upgrade defensively at the position. 

The Nationals hope the move does not effect Morse's offensive production, which has been elite this season. The slugger ranks 3rd in the National League with a .323 batting average, and fourth with a .566 slugging percentage.