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Maryland Media Day: Kenny Tate Not Challenged By Move To Linebacker

One of the more interesting notes from the Maryland Football offseason was new head coach Randy Edsall moving star safety and potential All-American Kenny Tate to linebacker. But according to Tate, the only real difference in the two positions is that he starts out closer to the line of scrimmage. After that "it's just football." Quotes via the Maryland Athletic Site

"I wouldn't say anything (about moving to linebacker) is challenging. I'm definitely moving closer to the ball and the biggest difference for me is I'm usually moving back and I'm in coverage more, but I'm definitely going to be doing the same things as last year. The easiest thing has probably been moving up closer to the ball. I have different reads and things. But that's pretty much it."

Moving Tate closer to the line of scrimmage should be great for both him and the defensive unit this year. Most of his impact plays came near the line, and giving him a head start could be a nightmare for the offenses that he goes up against. The fact that he was once considered a wider receiver, and is also powerful enough to play linebacker, is a testament to his strength and athleticism.