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Maryland Media Day: Davin Meggett Expects The New Offense To Be Productive

Randy Edsall spoke during Maryland Media Day about how the offense was ahead of the defense at this point in the Fall practices. Senior running back Davin Meggett, who figures to be one of the key cogs in that offense, echoed Edsall's comments and expects the new offense put into place by coordinator Gary Crowton to be very effective, quote via the Maryland Athletic Site

"One thing I like about the new offense is that we're still going to run a lot of the same plays as we ran last year. You can't really complicate football so much, there's not a lot you can change when we're still going out here and doing what we've been doing. We're still going to move the ball, try to score, and try and keep the defense off the field. It's no different from what we did in the past to be successful."

We don't get a lot of details there, but it sounds like he is confident that the offense will be able to move the ball and be effective while doing it.