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Nick Young Still On Rosters For Goodman League Vs. Drew League Showdown, According To Report

Contrary to what Drew League commissioner Drew Smiley has said publicly, it appears Nick Young may still be a part of the Goodman League vs. Drew League game in Washington D.C. on August 20. Young's representatives tell Sarah Schorno Kogod of NBC Washington that the Wizards' shooting guard is still a part of the game.

Just got off the phone with #wizards @nickswagypyoung 's people. He is still in the lineup for Goodman/Drew this weekend. #endthepanic

Previously, Smiley had said that he had dropped Young from the Drew League roster because Young had not returned any of his phone calls after expressing displeasure with not winning the Drew League MVP. It's possible this is a simple communication breakdown between Smiley and Young that must be resolved.

In any event, Smiley claims he has already replaced Young's slot on the roster with Derrick Williams of the Minnesota Timberwolves, so Young would probably have to replace someone else to stay in the game.